Antigen Tests – Free For Tourists or NOT?

I have had a lot of emails from people about the Antigen test most people need each week, especially to use Bars and Restaurants.

I have been told these will be free for tourists as well, but it seems most pharmacies are charging 15-20 euros for them.

We are still waiting for answers from the tourism, who are waiting for answers from the health authorities.

It’s seems a lot of uncertainty over this whole thing and to be honest it’s becoming a farce, and a lot of stress. I’m still expecting a huge u-turn, and many places I have spoken to have said they will not do checks. There are also many smaller places where the owners or staff are not vaccinated, so it would be totally wrong for them to ask.

Many people have mobility problems who can’t queue to wait for tests, and many pharmacies are still not doing them, it’s not they have run out, it’s just they are not doing them.

The pop up tents in Funchal, by loja do Cidadão, and Se Cathedral, are not charging the tourists for the tests, so it seems, a friend on holiday went there today and got a test, was only asked for her passport details and why she wanted the test, which she replied to use Bars and Restaurants.

Until we have a firm answer those tourists wanting a free test might have to come to Funchal, which is a bit if a pain if you are on the other side of the island.

There may well be another meeting Thursday, which might iron out a lot of these issues, but it seems the government have forgotten about the tourists altogether in these new measures as not a single airline or tour company have been told about them, so it’s impossible for tourists to know… (unless of course you are here) ??

So it’s a waiting game, and as soon as I know more, you will know more.

Utente Number

One other thing, the Utente Number Problem, and those that had vaccines here, but might not live here full time, or live here and still don’t have a utente number. This is a bigger problem than even I expected, and I was swamped with emails about this yesterday.

To get to speak to anyone from Sesaram seems almost impossible, so I can understand why there are so many problems.