Free covid-19 quick tests also for tourists in Madeira

Similar to what happens with resident citizens, tourists on holiday in Madeira also have access to free rapid antigen tests, available at around 60 testing posts that adhere to the protocol that the Regional Government signed with these entities.

This is a measure that has been in effect since last Saturday, with the publication of Resolution n.1208/2021, of 18 November.

Although some testing centers have raised some doubts about the freeness of tests for tourists, a Health source clarified that with the change in measures, last week, this situation was duly safeguarded.

Tourists can take the rapid test every seven days, free of charge, and simply present an identification document at the participating posts.

Like resident citizens, foreigners must also sign the consent document prior to testing.

From Diário Notícias

So its there, everyone is entitled to free testing.

Many of you have sent me what hotels are telling you. Porto Mare Hotel group have said this is not including tourists, and I can tell you it is so they have their information wrong.

Pestana hotels are doing testing in the hotels, this is being charged at 20 euros, this might be something Pestana are doing.

Click here for a list of all testing places.


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