Regional tourism recovery threatened by pandemic numbers

Am I missing something with this article below.?

The emergence of new waves of the covid-19 pandemic could threaten the tourist recovery of Madeira . This is recognized by the Regional Government, taking for example the case of Germany. The executive led by Miguel Albuquerque recognizes that the brutal increase in new covid-19 cases in that country, which is an important issuing market, is not good news for Madeira.

Journalist Francisco José Cardoso spoke with the regional secretary for Tourism and Culture on this matter. Eduardo Jesus pointed out that there is always a risk, and for that reason, he is concerned about this new reality. Just yesterday, for the second consecutive day, Germany broke the record for new cases, registering, for several days, more than 30,000 new infections.

From Diário Notícias

The UK has had infections greater than this for weeks now and a slightly small population, so why do they think this is going to cause problems, when it doesn’t seem any tourism has caused problems.? 

What am I missing?


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