Miguel Albuquerque presented this afternoon the new measures taken by the Regional Government, aimed at controlling the pandemic in the Region.

Get to know the full text read by the president of the regional executive:

“Christmas and New Year 2021

Regional government recommendations

The government council declares the contingency situation in order to adopt new measures to contain the pandemic, starting at 00:00 on November 20th.

– considering the evolution of the pandemic in europe and in the world with a recent increase in the number of cases in recent weeks, namely in portugal, the netherlands, austria, the united kingdom, germany and russia,

– also considering the evolution of the pandemic in the autonomous region of Madeira with a recent increase in the number of cases in the community,

– considering the increase in the number of cases admitted to the sesaram,

– considering the increase in the number of cases in intensive care,

– considering the recent increase in the number of covid deaths in RAM,

– considering the vaccination rates achieved in RAM so far,

– considering that vaccination reduces the severity of the disease and its lethality,

– considering the advantages of massive testing that allows the identification, testing and isolation of positive citizens for covid 19 and their contacts, breaking transmission chains,

– considering the special duty to protect the population, the regional government determines the following measures:

1- Keep all the basic measures of individual and collective protection, in open and closed environments mandatory – use of mask, hygiene, hand disinfection and distance of 1.5 meters.

2- Recommend vaccination to all citizens over 12 years of age, namely with 1, 2 or 3 doses according to the recommended vaccination schedule.

3- Establish massive testing of the population with a rapid antigen test, on a weekly basis.

Every 15 days is now every 7 days.

4- Establish the requirements for presentation of proof of vaccination and rapid antigen testing (weekly) for access to any event.

5- To exercise/attend, activities/events in the public and private sector: sports, restaurants, hotels, hairdressers, gyms, bars and clubs, cultural, cinemas, night activities, games, casinos, and other similar social activities, must be vaccinated and tested – rapid antigen test, weekly.

6- Residential structures for the elderly

Mandatory weekly tests for employees and residents. Restriction of visits (1 visit per resident) – it is mandatory to be vaccinated and tested – rapid antigen test – weekly contingency plans activated.

Meetings in residential structures for the elderly, only with people who have been vaccinated and tested – rapid antigen test – weekly.

7- Supermarkets and superstores

Recommend that users are vaccinated or tested on a weekly basis with a rapid antigen test.

8- Childbirth Masses

Recommend that all participants are vaccinated or tested – rapid antigen test , weekly.

9- Airports and ports

the recommendation of the previous resolution is maintained: vaccinated or recovered or tested with a rapid antigen test, with the need for repetition on the 5th/7th day for residents, students and emigrants and their families.

Non-vaccinated residents will be advised to vaccinate at their respective centers (they cannot participate in events).

10- Circus/Amusement Parks/Christmas Activities

Recommend that all stakeholders are vaccinated and tested weekly. (Children under 12 years old should only be tested).

11- Market Night

Guidance will be given according to the evolution of the pandemic.

12- Central Plate – Avenida Arriaga 

Ensure the creation of controlled access circuits by submitting proof of vaccination and weekly testing, including non-residents.

13- Schools

Maintenance of the measures of the previous resolution.

14 – Night of St. Silvestre 

Guidance will be given l according to the evolution of the pandemic.

15- Christmas dinners

Recommend that participants are vaccinated and tested weekly.

The regional government, at the moment of the pandemic, with these measures, intends that the population of the autonomous region of Madeira live the Christmas season WITH RESPONSIBILITY AND MODERATION, IN A WAY TO MAINTAIN THE SAFETY OF EVERYONE.”