This afternoon, the Regional Civil Protection Service carried out a full-scale simulation, integrated into the “Livex”. The main objective was to provide operationality to the mountain rescue and relief teams of the various fire brigades. “We have to be prepared, not if it happens, we have to be prepared when it happens!”, emphasized Pedro Ramos, secretary in charge of Civil Protection.

Five scenarios were created along the Funchal cable car route, where the rescue device had to apply different rescue techniques to resolve a situation of random stop of the cable car.

Pedro Ramos, Regional Secretary for Health and Civil Protection, revealed that “this is an exercise that is part of the preparation of firefighters from all the corporations in Madeira, who train in situations that can happen in the daily activity of the Teleférico.” The cable car is an activity “daily and touristic and, of course, if there is any incident or accident we will have to be prepared to carry out this type of rescue”.

Due to what is already available at the level of “equipment, firefighters are prepared for rescue and assistance in either direction, in the ascending and descending directions”, reinforces the Governor. These are “important steps in the differentiation of our professionals, always seeking to respond to accidents that may happen”, he concluded.

Rescue scenarios through platforms and ladders were tested, as well as vertical and guided rescue techniques. In the simulacrum, organized by the SRPC through the Regional Command of Relief Operations (CROS), the operational part of all fire brigades in RAM, the Municipal Civil Protection Service of Funchal and the Public Security Police (PSP) participated.

From Jornal Madeira