The Regional Secretariat for Education reported today that 25 cases of covid-19 infection were registered this Monday in educational establishments in the Region.

The cases concern 23 students and two teachers, with the registration of these cases implying that 163 will remain in prophylactic isolation until otherwise indicated by the health authorities.

The cases were registered in the following educational establishments:

EB123/PE Bartolomeu Perestrelo: Eight students and one teacher / two classes (35 students) in prophylactic isolation;

ES by Francisco Franco: Three students;

EB1/PE in Nazaré: One child and one student / one room (18 children), one class (23 students), two educators, one teacher and one non-teaching staff are in isolation;

EBS Dr. Ângelo Augusto da Silva: Two students;

EB23 da Torre: One student and one teacher;

EBS Father Manuel Álvares: One student / one class (22 students) is in isolation;

EB1/PE do Monte: One student tested positive / one class (22 students) in isolation;

Ajuda EB1/PE: One student / one class (20 students) and one teacher are in isolation;

EB1/PE Ribeiro de Alforra: One student / one class (17 students) and one teacher are in isolation;

ES by Jaime Moniz: A student;

EBS Gonçalves Zarco: One student;

EB23 do Caniço: One student;

From Jornal Madeira

Closing the schools could be an option to bringing this under control, and stopping the spread, as this is where a lot of the cases have been getting passed around.

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