A dog is not just for Christmas

Irene is asking for some help, if anyone can take this lovely dog into their family, please let me know.
You can Email me at madeiraislandnews@gmail.com
Dear Tobi,
I hope you and your readership can help us find a really good home for Kayla, this lovely St. Bernard dog.
The owner, whom we knew,  died nearly 12 months ago, and so since then some friends and ourselves, have been paying for Kayla to be looked after at Graça’s kennels in Loreta, Le Petz, and we hoped, that together, we’d be able to place her with a new owner. However, so far, this has not happened, hence my contacting you to make a further appeal to people on the island.
Kayla is about 8 years old and has had all her medical needs met, including being sterilized. She is a very loving and sociable dog who just needs a loving and sociable new owner.
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