The NRP Setúbal, which came to replace the NRP Mondego, after several failures to sail yesterday is ready to make the surrender of the Selvagens guards, and the JM found that the departure should take place at 14:30.

It should be remembered that both this ship and the NRP-Mondego, which broke down again yesterday about an hour after leaving for Selvagens, are moored in the Port of Caniçal. The first ship has been running a lot since it is on a mission in Madeira, since at the end of February, 13 elements of the garrison refused to go on a mission to accompany a Russian ship that was passing north of Porto Santo.

This act, considered to be insubordination, led the Chief of Staff of the Navy to come to Madeira on purpose, outside the ship, to direct harsh criticism at the refusal of half of the crew to go on a mission. These crew members were replaced the following day, but since then, there have been several failures on the NRP Mondego.

Yesterday, the ship ran out of electricity after an hour’s journey to Selvagens and had to be towed back to Madeira. The JM was in Caniçal this morning and there were movements on the NRP Mondego but the approach to the ships was impossible. We found out that the guards who were going to replace those in Selvagens were still on site but that there was no departure time.

From Jornal Madeira