A lot of water on the road requires extra attention

The traffic on this morning of Monday, December 20th, is calm and for that, the period of school holidays and many workers who take advantage of this time of year will certainly contribute to this. The state of the weather that is felt on the island is also not something we have had for a while , which leads many people to stay at home.

Thus, contrary to what is usual on weekday mornings, the express lane has slow traffic, as there is a good deal of fog and water laying on roads. This leads motorists to drive very cautiously.

This explains some slow traffic in the area between the Cancela and the Pestana Júnior junction, which at the moment is the only area that generates more caution, especially because of the dense fog.

One thing is for sure, whatever the road or type of surface, it will be very wet, so the only safe solution is to drive very carefully to avoid major problems.

From Diário Notícias