Wind blew above 100 km/h and rain reached red levels.

As an example of heavy rainfall, the forecast of strong wind and gusts that could even exceed 100 km/h was also confirmed. This was what happened at dawn on this stormy Monday, not only in the mountainous regions, but also along the coastline at one of the ends of the island of Madeira.

Highlight for the Chão do Areeiro station, which in addition to being the wettest, was also the windiest, having registered a gust of 118 km/h during the night. Above 100 km/h, the wind also circulated in Caniçal/ Ponta de São Lourenço (110 km/h) and in Lombo da Terça / Achadas da Cruz (103 km/h). The first two values ​​correspond to an orange warning, the last to a yellow warning.

Gusts that also passed through Santa Cruz/Airport (88 km/h) and Ponta do Pargo (81 km/h), also consistent with the yellow warning that was in force until 06:00.

More than 60 liters per square meter (mm), value from which corresponds to a red warning within 6 hours, were reached this morning in the Areeiro area. Between 01:00 and 07:00, the meteorological station at Chão do Areeiro accumulated 64.4 mm/6h, and a little further up, at Pico Areeiro, which is the highest station in the IPMA network in RAM, were recorded 62.5 mm/6h. In the last 24 hours, this last meteorological station has already received an accumulation of precipitation in excess of 100 mm.

Moreover, the rain that came more intense towards the end of this morning reached significant values ​​in practically the entire archipelago. So much so that, in addition to the two records that justified the ‘red warning’ issued during the night, there are also three extremes of orange warning in the parameters of 1h and 6h, respectively in Chão do Areeiro and in São Vicente to be registered. and at Bica da Cana. In another 12 stations on the island of Madeira, extreme rainfall in just 1 hour reached yellow warning levels.

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