Christmas Fun

So a bit of Christmas fun over the next couple of days.

Hope you all have a great time and love to your all, your family and friends.

Thanks to Elizabeth Foster for this Christmas Selfie, Looking very Festive….

Thanks to Paul winter for a look at the inside and the outside of his home about a week or so ago.

Thanks to Dave Thomas for this photo, looks like you have been keeping yourself busy….

Here’s  a photo for Christmas Eve – ‘Christingles’
Thanks to Mal Davis for this… I totally get her….
The Queen does not swear
Well she didn’t B4BORIS
Thanks to Nicky Offert for this photo.
Just read your recent post and wanted to share this. We took it in December 2014. We’ve been every Xmas since (except 2020 and this year 😭😭)
Look after yourselves.