Funchal and Porto Santo should register 20ºC as soon as midnight

Get ready for a Friday that can be ‘scorching’, especially on the north coast of Madeira, and for a mild evening that invites you to celebrate New Year’s Eve with little clothing.

If the latest IPMA update regarding the general weather forecast for today in Madeira is confirmed, this will be another day to ‘smell’ summer in the middle of winter, with the extreme maximum air temperature reaching, imagine , the 28ºC… in Porto Moniz.

In Funchal, on this last day of the year 2021, the expected maximum is an enviable 25ºC, and in Porto Santo, a pleasant 23ºC.

If during the day the weather, especially along the coastline, will be inviting for a dip, then at night, it promises to remind you of summer nights. The forecast indicates that the air temperature in the transition from December to January, that is, at midnight, will be around 20 ºC, both in Funchal (downtown) and in Porto Santo. And during the night of New Year, the minimum temperatures expected are 19ºC in Funchal and 17/18ºC in Porto Santo.

Predictably, the hottest location in the Region, so at midnight, it will be Porto Moniz, if the 24°C forecast for New Year is confirmed.

From Diário Notícias

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