Madeira Fitness Friends is organizing this fundraiser. Make a Donation – Because childhood lasts a lifetime

In the month of December, Madeira Fitness Friends will be raising awareness and money for two kid associations that need it the most.

Because a child who believes in Santa Claus is a happy child and it is up to us to keep the magic of Santa Claus alive with the little ones. First, for the association Fundação Cecília Zino who take care of kids who have been neglected and mistreated.
Second, we will collect funds for the association Acreditar who looks after kids with cancer.

Together, we can all spread the real Christmas magic across the island and you too can make a difference.

We are running multiple initiatives this year.

Some examples: We are asking people who come to our events in Madeira to give us a little donation (in person for the donation box). Last Friday we had a free CHRISTMAS walking tour in Funchal and that did well.

We also shot a hot calendar and if you want, you can buy a calendar (money will be added to this fundraiser)

On Christmas Day, we will have a venue for all nomads to spend Christmas NOT alone and again, there will be a donation box.

There are plenty ways for you to get involved.

We plan to raise €500 to help change their Christmas and your contribution of any amount would be greatly appreciated.

Your donation would help in buying Christmas toys, school stationary, books, games and much more.

Any help is significant, any action has meaning.

You can contact the digital nomads community managers by WhatsApp for any info on the number below.

Marelin & Luis     +351 961 015 850

You can donate direct on the gofundme page below.