Man kills his wife and son and runs away in Funchal

Double homicide leaves the population of Ajuda, a prime area of ​​Funchal, in a state of shock

In addition to the dead woman, the Police found a 10-year-old dead child.

The crime was a double homicide, which killed a woman and a young boy, this Monday morning, in an apartment in the Bom Jesus building, in Rua da Casa Branca, Funchal.

The Diário found that in addition to the body of a woman, with evidence of a deep cut on the neck, the Police also found a 10-year-old child, a dead body, in the apartment where this case of domestic violence took place, which is leaving the town in a state of shock.

The suspect in this heinous crime, which was allegedly carried out with a knife, is a man aged in his 40s. The individual has put himself on the run.

There, the PSP is preserving the evidence at the scene of the crime so that the Judiciary Police can carry out forensic expertise for the investigation, which will be sent to the Department of Investigation and Criminal Action.

It is known that the PSP already has the identification of the suspect in this double homicide, and is currently taking steps to capture him and present him to the courts.

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