2.0 Earthquake Recorded This Morning – Possible Disruption to Cruise Ships

The Portuguese Institute of the Sea and the Atmosphere again recorded a new earthquake off the Madeira archipelago, this morning.

The shock, of magnitude 2.0 on the Richter scale, was recorded in the southeast of Funchal, at 1 kilometer deep, at 4:48 am .  From the Diario Noticias.

Experts from the USGS believe that the Tectonic Plate could be peel apart, and lava will spill out into the ocean. This could happen rapidly and could be a big problem for the island of Madeira if this happens where recent earthquakes have been accruing.

If landmass builds between Madeira and the Desertas islands and depending on the amount of build-up, this could put a stop to visiting cruise ships following this path to the island.

Not good news as living on this side o the island, I love to watch all the cruise ships come and go, and what about the ferry to Porto Santo, could this be affected also?

If there is a large eruption, and the sea bed builds up user the ocean, experts warn this could cause a more unstable ocean and risk of visiting cruise ships.

Taken from National Geographic

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