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The Repsol petrol station, in Nazaré, in front of the take-away Tourigalo, was this morning broken into and vandalized. In addition, the thieves tried to steal gasoline from one of the petrol pumps.

The thieves took an enormous amount of tobacco and many bags with products yet to be counted by the owners. The assault also left a trail of vandalism inside the establishment, which would have had a high loss value in the store and in the products. According to JM, the alarm went off at about three in the morning, and the owner was promptly alerted.

The ‘famous’ tobacco shop and lottery on Rua da Queimada de Cima, Estrela da Sorte, was also the target of assault through the window this morning. We were unable to ascertain whether there was a theft, but the window was broken.

It is recalled that last week the night guards warned of the danger of an increase in robberies, as the majority of the owners of several establishments failed to pay the security service. Only in these two days, JM has already made known robberies in several places.