Market Night produced 7,330 kilos of garbage

This Friday morning, until 11 am, the employees of the Health team of Funchal City Council collected 7,330 kilos of garbage as a result of the Night of the Market. This amount of waste represents an increase compared to last year, when 1,400 kilos were collected.

Gone are the days when this traditional Madeiran night resulted in tens of tons of garbage. In 2019, the year in which there were food and beverage stalls around the Mercado dos Lavradores, 32 tons of garbage were collected by the municipal services.

The garbage collection work started at 7 am with several teams distributed in the main points of the city: Rua Fernão de Ornelas; Viscount Anadia Street; Arriaga Avenue; Avenida do Infante; Avenue of the Sea; Avenida Sá Carneiro; and Old Town.

Councilwoman Nádia Coelho, from Funchal City Council, says that about 106 workers were deployed, including drivers, cleaners, foremen and heads of services and 20 vehicles, such as 4 auto-sweepers, 4 open-end vehicles, 4 mini-support vehicles,  and 6 collection vehicles.

As for the number of containers made available, we speak of a total of 77 and the garbage “did not reach the amount of pre-pandemic years”.

From Diário Notícias

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