Mercado dos Lavradores at two speeds, Tourists be Aware

Today the Diário Notícias highlights the current state of the Mercado dos Lavradores, which seems to follow at two speeds .

The obvious contrast between the lower floor, always full and with all points of sale in operation, and the upper floor, where a desolate scenario prevails, with numerous regional product stores closed due to the crisis aggravated by the pandemic, leads to the complaints of the merchants who do stalls there raise their tone.

Although tourists have returned with the return of air connections, there are those who point the finger at city administration and the lack of parking or the closing of streets.

Also there are less interested in selling at Mercado Noite on the 23rd December. Many don’t expect great sales with the restrictions put in place for the night, but there are still those who hope for good sales.

I personally think and hope that more and more tourists know about the thieves at the market, esoe ially on the top floor, but also on the bottom floor, and they have learnt that only the local traders on a Friday and Saturday have the prices you would expect to pay.

With a new younger generation also, the use more social Medi, so read the faults of the market and fully armed before they enter.

Remember the tourist board still promote the market fully, so there are always going to be those that get ripped off, but let’s hope we are seeing a downturn in this sort of thing.

In the image above are the kind of stalls you must avoid with all the tropical fruits continually on sale throughout the year.

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