Only an “unlikely” scenario will make the Regional Government withdraw from the ‘covid’ measures in force

Only a possible unpredictable situation in the current epidemiological situation in the Region can lead the Regional Government to change the measures to control the pandemic in force.

This afternoon the President of the Regional Government reinforced this, on the sidelines of the inauguration of the supermarket ‘Meu Super’, located in Nazaré, parish of São Martinho, Funchal.

“There will be no change unless, in the unlikely event, there is a change in circumstances, namely an overload in Covid health services, which is not happening at the moment, or in intensive care”, assured Miguel Albuquerque.

Unlike what happened a year ago, this time there is no ‘special’ concern with the return of students and emigrants who come to Madeira to spend Christmas.

Only comply with the “preventive and prophylactic measures” in force, which recognizes “they give people some work, some nuisance, but this nuisance is minimal given the benefits”, namely, keeping “the economy running” and “being able to live with Christmas the necessary precautions”, he stressed.

From Diário Notícias

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