Santana found a creative way to welcome American tourists

Santana City Council decided to find a creative way to welcome the American tourists who, during these days, will pass by the iconic typical houses.

The hundreds of tourists passing by the town hall will be able to literally put their face in a frame that represents the first Man to reach the moon.

In a clear allusion to the feat of the North Americans as the first nation to set foot on lunar soil, the arrival of American tourists to Madeira is also seen by the Santanense autarchy as a historic feat!

In this way, it is possible that, until the end of March, tourists and residents will be surprised by a photographic frame, depicting an astronaut who welcomes the North Americans.

In his hands, the astronaut holds a poster with a linguistic pun inspired by the famous phrase by Neil Armstrong. “One small step for America, one big step for Madeira!”. This is the phrase chosen by the municipality to express the importance of the recent direct air connection between New York and Funchal.

Dinarte Fernandes, mayor, stresses that this is just a creative way of expressing how important the North American tourist market can be for the Madeiran tourism economy.

From Diário Notícias