The Regional Government has already agreed with an air freight operator, in order to ensure the transport of some essential goods to Porto Santo, given the impossibility of traveling by sea, due to the weather and, above all, the rough sea that has been felt.

According to the regional secretary for the Economy, Rui Barreto, “the operation was set up in record time, also taking into account the urgency of responding to the supply needs of commerce and, particularly, of food distribution”.

According to Rui Barreto, the cargo plane should make the trip this afternoon, with the hold completely full, occupying the approximately 70 cubic meters of the aircraft’s cargo capacity, that is, about seven tons of food and also some medicines”.

In this way, the Regional Government intends to “supply Porto Santo with the main essential goods, while it is not possible to do so by sea, which should only happen from Sunday, if the weather forecasts are confirmed”, said the ruler.

Rui Barreto also reiterates the appeal to common sense and serenity of the population, “so that goods can reach everyone, in an equitable way, without scaremongering and without unnecessary hoarding, not least because this is a situation that the Regional Government is to be monitored with special attention and will do everything to ensure that supply is always guaranteed”.

As the regional secretary for the Economy said, “this is a transitory situation, as an improvement in the weather is expected from Sunday, which will allow the resumption of regular supplies by sea”.

From Jornal Madeira