Region wants to acquire robotic machine capable of performing surgical interventions

The Regional Government of Madeira admits “advancing now to a machine for surgery that is the replacement for the so-called DaVinci for non-intrusive surgeries” equipment that costs about one million euros.

While Miguel Albuquerque expressed interest in acquiring the revolutionary new equipment, Pedro Ramos, regional secretary for Health and Civil Protection, did not risk advancing with the forecast for its acquisition, not least because it is a piece of equipment that could cost one million euros.

On the sidelines of the opening ceremony of a training course for managers in the area of ​​Health, which takes place at the Pestana Casino, the president of the Regional Government reiterated that “one of the fundamental components of health services is the use of highly sophisticated machines, some of them robotics, especially for some non-intrusive surgeries and this change is very important and is already happening and will also occur in our health service”. In fact, he considered that “the machinery that is already installed in intensive care is quite an example of what we are talking about”, he stressed.

Arguments to reinforce the need to be “prepared for a gigantic change that will occur in terms of technology, robotics and artificial intelligence in health care, and to account for the Region’s interest in acquiring the DaVinci replacement machine to carry out surgeries, considering that it “will be very beneficial for the provision of health care and for the population”.

This interest is corroborated by Pedro Ramos, when he mentions that the machine with the intended state-of-the-art technology allows “to operate in a mini-evasive way with greater precision and with less complication, allowing interventions of some complexity to be carried out in a robotic way”, he underlined.

Machine that is the “less complex and less difficult to install in the operating room” solution compared to the DaVinci version, being certain that “we have to move towards this new reality in health”, admitted the minister with the health department.

Pedro Ramos explains that for now, demonstrations of the new equipment will begin, the cost of which is “close to one million euros”. He did not risk advancing with a date for the acquisition of this equipment, but reiterated that “it is another investment in the area of ​​health, in this case in the area of ​​differentiated care, in the area of ​​response to critical illnesses, to acute illnesses, in the sense that these same interventions can be done with less hospitalization time and with a quick return of the user to his personal life”.

An upgrade in perspective that says it reinforces “the evident signs of the evolution of the Regional Health Service in the last ten, fifteen years and that we are preparing for the new evolution of the digital transition”, predicting that this will be “the new reality for the next few years”. 30 years in defense of the Madeirans”, he concluded.

From Diário Notícias

Maybe they should concentrate on bringing the waiting lists down for simple everyday surgeries. People are waiting up to 10 years for surgery, and really ruins their everyday life.

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