Detainees of the ‘Tempestade’ operation in Madeira have already been taken by the PJ

The three detainees in the ‘Tempestade’ operation, which seized about a ton of cocaine on the high seas, have already landed in the port of Funchal, and are now under the control of the Judiciary Police.

Still inside the NRP Viana do Castelo, which docked at 9 am, the three defendants, all young, underwent rapid screening tests for covid-19 before being escorted by the police to be questioned by the PJ and subsequently subjected to the first interrogation. judicial.

Cocaine seized from a sailboat that sank has also been unloaded

The Judiciary Police also already has in its possession the drug seized in the ‘Tempestade’ operation. The narcotic product was transported in bags and should now go to PJ’s facilities in Funchal.

The operation was closely followed by the Maritima Police, who accompanied the disembarkation of the NRP Viana do Castelo, which arrived at the port of Funchal at 9 am.

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