Cargo plane to supply Porto Santo

As a result of the bad weather at sea that since the beginning of this week has compromised operations in the ports of Caniçal and Porto Santo, the Regional Government of Madeira should, even today, announce the exceptional resource of air transport to transport essential goods in the next few hours. and medicines to the island of Porto Santo.

Everything indicates that it is a cargo plane ensuring the ‘inter-island’ supply, as it was not officially possible to confirm this.

In view of the sea turmoil that should only begin to give a truce at the beginning of next week, the solution by air is the only alternative to fill the shortages that are beginning to be felt in supermarkets on the golden island.

Difficulty confirmed this afternoon to DIÁRIO by the mayor of Porto Santo, Nuno Batista, when reporting “an occasional situation of lack of some essential foodstuffs in Porto Santo” as a result of bad weather conditions affecting the Madeira Archipelago. since the beginning of the week.

As a result of the constraints in the supply of the island and the imminent rupture of stocks, the PSD mayor assured that the situation has been closely monitored by the Municipality to emphasize that “what we always do is to be part of the solution and not look for problems to solve the problem”. inflate situations”. In this sense, he highlights the work “as a team, talking to the entities that can collaborate with us and participate in the solution of this situation” to admit that an alternative solution will soon be available in supplying the island.

“Soon, I think that even today will be announced the solution that will be the solution for us to solve the most essential problems, namely foodstuffs such as meat and fresh, but also the medication that is important that it reaches our pharmacy”, said, but without revealing what the solution is.

Confronted that the only alternative solution to the sea route is the air route, even so Nuno Batista refused to confirm.

“I cannot confirm. I can only guarantee that everything is being worked on to find the best solution so that the entire population of the island does not lack anything essential”, he concluded.

From Diário Notícias

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