The Portuguese Navy ship, NRP Mondego, and a vessel from SANAS Madeira, assisted two crew members of a rowing vessel, called “Albedo”, which was located 30 nautical miles (approximately 56 kilometers) south of Funchal, after worsening meteorological conditions and the fatigue felt by the crew, in an operation coordinated by the Funchal Maritime Search and Rescue Coordination Subcentre (MRSC Funchal).

According to the Madeira Maritime Zone Command, the information was initially received by the Maritime Police picket of the Funchal Local Command on Sunday, January 16, and the crew and rowing vessel were followed up and monitored daily by the MRSC. Funchal. In the early afternoon of Wednesday, January 19th, in view of the worsening of meteorological and oceanographic conditions that were felt and the fact that the vessel was drifting to the north-northwest, the Navy ship that provided the device in the autonomous region of Madeira, NRP Mondego, left the Port of Funchal, in order to provide follow-up and support to the crew.

The vessel SANAS 103 also moved to the site, which towed the vessel by rowing, from 12 nautical miles (about 22 km) off the coast, to Marina da Calheta, where it docked safely this morning. The crew members were well physically, despite being tired, it was not necessary to provide medical assistance.

During the towing operation, NRP Mondego ensured the safety of navigation and support in safeguarding human life at sea. The Local Command of the Maritime Police of the Port of Funchal took care of the occurrence.

From Jornal Madeira

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