What was one of the surprises of New Year’s Eve in Madeira, reported even in several countries, continues to surprise.

Just before entering 2022, the ‘Red Bull Madeira NYE Shooting Stars’ project hosted by the Red Bull Skydive Team took people looking up to the sky for a few minutes to see those ‘shooting stars’ who were nothing more than the seasoned ones ‘skydivers’ Marco Waltenspiel, Felix Seifert, Max Manow and Marco Fürst. The records of the moment were published on the social networks of Red Bull Portugal, VisitMadeira, SRTC, Red Bull Skydive Team, among others, in publications that surpass hundreds of thousands of views.

In the days that followed, the team of athletes that starred in the jump for the new year remained in the Region, exploring the island and finding and trying out ‘base jumping’ places. Another video was released on social media, namely on the Facebook page of the President of the Regional Government, Miguel Albuquerque, showing the same team traveling through the skies of Madeira. This Sunday, the video had already surpassed 1.4 million views.

Yesterday, the Red Bull Sky Dive Team shared a gallery of photographic records captured during their stay in Madeira. “It was a pleasure. We are looking forward to returning”, reads the caption of the publication.


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