Interested in volunteering at Boa Vista Orchids, Funchal, Madeira?

We have an orchid collection and year-round flower display open to the public which is trying to survive after two difficult years. As plants still need care throughout bad times, it is increasingly difficult to meet the staffing needs in other areas like receiving visitors. Very kind volunteers have already helped out and with this experience I would like to appeal for anyone who would like to spend a few hours a week doing front-of-house receiving of visitors, answering questions and giving advice if required.

The mainly orchid environment is a perfect backdrop to anyone wishing to learn more about these plants by observing the operations being carried out many of which can also be undertaken by volunteers themselves. I am always on hand to give orchid-related advice or deal with challenging questions. Please contact me via or 914 705 178 for further info.

I also have been sent this email below from David Coates.

We are just coming to the end of a three month stay on the beautiful island of Madeira.
This is the second winter we have spent here after several earlier shorter visits.
During my stay I have been volunteering at the Quinta Boa Vista Orchid garden a short walk from the centre of Funchal.
The Quinta has great views over the harbour and an amazing display of orchids and other plants.
My work involved containing the growth of the splendid Jade vine and Clock vine.
Volunteering there has been a great experience working in the gardens surrounded by beauty.
I highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys working with plants and has time available.
The owner of the Quinta, Patrick Garton, will welcome you with open arms.