IPMA keeps yellow warnings, still with snow and adds thunder and hail

Looks like we will see a bit of everything today weather wise.

With generally very cloudy skies, showers, especially on the northern slopes and highlands, where they can sometimes be strong from mid-morning and with the possibility of snowfall in the highest points of the island of Madeira until late morning, the IPMA yesterday predicted thunderstorms and hail for this Sunday, February 20, 2022, with yellow warnings that have been in effect since Friday.

The wind will be moderate to strong (30 to 45 km/h) from the northeast, with gusts up to 75 km/h in the eastern and western extremes of the island of Madeira, blowing strong (40 to 55 km/h) in the highlands, with gusts
up to 95 km/h. Values ​​more than enough for yellow warnings for both the north coast and the mountainous areas.