Spanish navy ship at port of Funchal

‘Relampago’ is a 93 meters long Spanish navy ship that arrived at the Port of Funchal last Friday, at 7 pm.

The origin is unknown, as is the destination – the vessel is not even available to be tracked on the ‘Marine Traffic’ portal -, but it is known that the stop was used for the military to supply and dump some waste, having also requested access to APRAM facilities.

According to reports, the 2,670 tonnes of the ‘Relampago’ should move this Sunday morning with 38 crew on board, thus making a stopover of 32 hours in Madeira.

The vessel carries out maritime action missions of a military nature related to the control of the sea against threats, mainly in low intensity scenarios through the development of presence (deterrence) and maritime surveillance (prevention) tasks.

The ‘Firebird’, at anchorage, also passed through the Port of Funchal for a 98-hour layover and brought 15 crew on board. Like the ‘Relampago’, this yacht arrived on Friday from Antigua (Caribbean) and next Tuesday, February 22, sails to Gibraltar, around 5 pm.

Also in scale, the ‘Mein Schiff 3’ remains on the Pontinha Molhe, which will make a stopover of 40 hours. The ship arrived on Friday night from Tenerife, with 1,345 passengers and 760 crew on board, leaving tomorrow, at 2 pm, towards the island of La Palma.

And speaking of departures, the ‘Gunilla’ also leaves Funchal this Sunday after an 86-hour layover. Coming from Lisbon, the Swedish-flagged training ship travels with 54 crew on board.

It leaves tomorrow when it is one minute to 00 hours and heads to ‘Portas do Mar’, the Port of Ponta Delgada.

From Diário Notícias