Ural Airlines debut in Madeira postponed by bad weather, no other flights landing.

The inaugural flight from Russia, operated by TUI and with a plane from Ural Airlines, was diverted to Tenerife, in the Canary Islands, due to bad weather conditions at Madeira Airport.

With around 150 passengers on board, the Airbus A321-251NX made a long journey from Zhukovsky International Airport, outside Moscow, but upon arrival in Madeira, it did not even wait for a possible improvement in the weather and headed south.

After about 6 hours of direct flight, plus the time to reach Tenerife, there is still no news on when this flight will resume to Madeira.

The airport administration and the tour operator had prepared a reception, as usual due to the premiere, but this will no longer happen.

Other flights are also diverting this afternoon. Nothing has landed in the last few hours, and most are now diverting to the Canaries.