Warning to all…. Attacks in Funchal

A Facebook friend has just sent me this message below, and below this is a news story in the press from an attack last night.

Why are the police doing nothing about this….????

Hi Tobi-in case you haven’t heard yet, this happened to my friend. “Yesterday I got attacked by 4 guys in Funchal.

I was on my way home from the movies – right in front of the Savoy Palace – as 4 drunk men approached me. Immediately and without warning one of them punched me in the face. I ran to the hotel staff and had them call the police. The police found the guys within of 10 minutes. After 3h over interrogation at the police station, the police decided to keep them in jail overnight.

However, the men are free again roaming Funchal. If you see 2 tall black men and 1 tall / 1 short white man approach you be extremely careful. Before me they had already punched two people who ended up in the hospital.”


A 28-year-old male was attacked this morning by a group of strangers while he was sleeping inside a car parked in the WWTP area, at the east end of Avenida do Mar.

According to JM, the strangers entered the vehicle and assaulted the young man around 4 am this Wednesday.

The victim was rescued at the scene by the Portuguese Red Cross, and he had bruises on his face and a nosebleed. After the rescue, the 28-year-old was transported to the Dr. Nélio Mendonça Hospital in a CVP ambulance.

The PSP was also called and took care of the incident.