Warning for more precipitation tomorrow afternoon – Orange Warning

The Portuguese Institute of the Sea and Atmosphere (IPMA) maintains the entire island of Madeira under ‘yellow warning’ for precipitation during the afternoon of tomorrow, Monday, with an ‘orange warning’ on the south coast and mountainous areas in the period between 18:00 and midnight, due to the forecast of heavy precipitation, which may be accompanied by thunderstorms.

As of Tuesday morning, the ‘yellow warning’ for precipitation returns. This warning will remain in effect until dawn (03:00) on Wednesday on the north and south coasts.

A note from the Regional Civil Protection Service, released at the end of the afternoon of this Sunday, confirms the forecast of occasional periods of heavy rain or showers accompanied by a thunderstorm from the end of the afternoon of the 12th (Monday) and the beginning of early morning of the 13th (Tuesday), especially on the south coast and in the mountainous regions of the island of Madeira.

The showers are expected to last until the end of the morning of the 14th (Wednesday). The wind will be temporarily strong (30 to 40 km/h) with gusts of around 100 km/h in the mountainous regions and 70 km/h in the coastal regions, especially between late afternoon and the afternoon of the 12th (Monday ) and the afternoon of the 13th (Tuesday).

The state of the weather is conditioned by a vast frontal depression, centered in the north of the Azores archipelago.