Paul da Serra Painted White

The Célia storm continues to paint, this Monday, several areas from North to South of Madeira, this time, images of Paul da Serra arrived at the JM newsroom.

As you can see in the images, Paul da Serra is covered by a white blanket as has happened in other areas of the Region such as Poiso and Achadas do Teixeira.

It is recalled that the Region will continue to feel, today, the effects of storm Célia, which arrived in the archipelago on Sunday afternoon, persisting until early Tuesday morning. According to the IPMA, the wind will blow strong to very strong (in the high areas), with sometimes strong showers, which can be hail and accompanied by thunderstorms, being more frequent on the north slopes. There is also a forecast of snowfall, which may descend to heights above 1000 meters of altitude this morning. The temperature should also drop, with values ​​of 0°C at the highest points and 11°C in Funchal, where the maximum temperature should not exceed 15°C. The sea wave will also persist until the 16th.


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