The President of the Regional Government said today that he has done “everything possible to keep prices lower than on the mainland”, with regard to fuels, and reiterated that he is awaiting confirmation of the VAT reduction to 12%, which will be accompanied by the Region.

“I have been doing everything possible to keep prices lower than on the mainland”, said Miguel Albuquerque, this Thursday, adding that he awaits the confirmation of the decision already announced by the national government, which depends on the authorization of the EU, to reduce the VAT to 12% on fuels “It will always be a temporary reduction and I will accompany this reduction”, he said.

On the sidelines of a visit to Simetrifloor, a flooring company, in Funchal, the official spoke about a demonstration scheduled for this Thursday afternoon, next to Quinta Vigia, for the increase in fuel prices.

“I think people understand that the rise in oil prices is a consequence of the war in Ukraine and also a consequence of the countries in central Europe, namely Germany, not having advanced more quickly in the single energy market, as I have always defended. This dependence on Russia and the circumstance of the rise in the price of oil has this reflex [inflation in fuel prices]”, he pointed out.

From Diário Notícias