Children’s Story about Cristiano Ronaldo

Do any of my readers use the readmio app to read stories to their children. If so there is a children’s story about Cristiano Ronaldo that’s been adding to their list of stories.

here is the link leading to the story if coming from mobile device:
Press Release
Poverty, Talent and Great Diligence: A True Story About Ronaldo
Provides Inspiration for Children and Parents Alike.
From today on, in Readmio, the app which helps to educate children via fairy tales with sounds,
parents will find a series of stories that cover the life of Cristiano Ronaldo, one of the most
successful football players in the world. In a world with endless possibilities, these stories give
hope that perseverance and enthusiasm can often lead to unexpected success, despite
unfavourable conditions such as the ones that Cristiano had to overcome.
Several Golden Balls, more than 1,000 competitive matches played, the first football player to
earn over a billion US dollars in his career, several awards for best scorer: the list doesn’t stop
there. In looking over Cristiano Ronaldo’s achievements, few people stop to think about how the
footballer actually came to be at the top of the game. You can find the answer to this important
question in a new series of stories from the Readmio workshop. Almost a quarter of a million
parents and teachers have downloaded it in its two years of existence. Among other things,
readers will learn what little resources Cristiano had from which to make his first football,
because the family did not have the money for a store bought version.
“We have decided here at Readmio that besides the more traditional fairy tales, we would
start adding stories to the app based on the lives of real personalities. The story about
Ronaldo is the first of these”, Jozef Šimko, CEO and co-founder of Readmio says. “We
believe they will be just as inspiring for children. Let’s just imagine a world where a
parent reads a story to their daughter or son, thanks to which they are able to make steps
towards achieving their childhood dreams more easily and with more vigour. That’s an
idea that simply fulfills us”, he adds.
The stories are available from March 29, 2022, around the world. They are free even for users
who do not have a monthly or annual subscription. It will be a multi-part series, where each
episode covers one part of Ronaldo’s life, all the way up until the current era of his career in
Manchester United.
About Readmio:
Readmio is an app that helps with the upbringing and education of children through being a repository of meaningful
stories. The stories come to life thanks to the music and sounds that are triggered by the narrator’s voice itself as they
read. Readmio was founded in 2020, and since then it has been downloaded by almost 250,000 parents. It offers
hundreds of fairy tales, all of which are complemented by sounds. As soon as a parent starts reading to a child, the
application recognizes the words being read thanks to its voice recognition technology, and complements them with
sound. All the fairy tales are available in Czech, Slovak and English. Readmio helps children expand their vocabulary,
cultivate their imagination and think about the world through the lens of the stories read to them by their parents. The
company has to date received an initial investment of EUR 500,000 and is currently preparing for another investment
round. The app can be downloaded for free via the App Store, or on Google Play