Complaints to Ryanair began

Yesterday was Ryanair’s debut day in the Region, a company that, on the first day of commercial operations, experienced  the costs of the Madeira airport’s inoperability. However, the cancellation of flight FR 387 from Lisbon, which was due to land at 7:40 pm, and of FR 389, originating in London (Stansted) and scheduled to land at 8:05 pm, prompts the passengers to make amends as they were the only ones diverted for the day.

The criticisms that are felt at the Ryanair sales and information desk at Madeira airport also point to the lack of information and support provided to passengers who were affected yesterday and this morning.

The flight FR 386 bound for Lisbon, yesterday at 8:10 pm, was grounded, and today’s flight, the FR 388 bound for London at 6:15 am, was postponed to 2:30 pm, as the plane that yesterday failed to land in Madeira departed for Faro, from where it leaves today after 11 am, arriving in Funchal at 1:05 pm.

On the first day of operation in the Region, Ryanair flew from Lisbon, Porto, Nuremberg and Marseille and connected Madeira to the same destinations, as well as London.

Ryanair’s operation to Funchal offers, in IATA summer 2022, a total of 10 routes in 7 countries (Portugal, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Ireland, Italy and Belgium). Of the 10 routes included in this operation, 5 have no competition, namely Brussels (Charleroi), Milan (Bergamo) and Paris (Beauvais), these three being effective new routes, as well as Marseille (Volotea had already operated in the past) and Dublin (Aer Lingus and SATA had previously operated this route).

From Diário Notícias

No a great start, and I guess its already on people’s minds if this company will last the summer. A shame as it gives new routes and possibilities for people living in Madeira, and having already slated TAP which Michael O’Leary keeps doing, you wohld think they wohld try and run things a little more smoothly and make sure the passengers get the information they need.