Three flights – two departures and one arrival – were canceled at Cristiano Ronaldo International Airport, according to information made available on the ANA – Aeroportos de Portugal website.

With regard to arrivals, the first flight to be canceled this morning, according to information provided by ANA, was one of the Ryanair company, which debuted yesterday in the Region -, coming from Faro, which would arrive at 12:35 pm. There has also been canceled a flight already in the afternoon. This is an EasyJet aircraft, coming from Berlin, scheduled to arrive at 3:30 pm, whose flight was cancelled.

Regarding departures, an EasyJet aircraft, coming from Berlin, which was due to land at 4:15 pm this Wednesday, was also no longer scheduled.

JM tried to investigate the causes of the cancellation at Madeira Airport, but so far has not been able to obtain a response.

From Jornal Madeira

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