Covid incidence

Thanks to Dietmar again for these charts.

I have been follow the DGS and the numbers in Madeira have been pretty high each day from the end of January when the figures in Madeira came to an end.

Averaging about 300-500 cases a day, and the last week, some days have been in the 600-700s

Deaths and hospital cases are extremely low.

Unfortunately, we have recite the old german soccer-lague rule: After a game is just before the next one.
The incidence rates for Covid-19 in Portugal are rising again, after hitting their low at a 7day-incidence of about 600 last week. I personally assume this to become the “BA2 wave”, and we can only hope that it stays well below the “omicron peak” we have experienced end of January.
Madeira island still shows a higher incidence rate compared to  the mainland, currently at approcimately 1600 new cases per week and per 100,000 inhabitants, while the Porto region still shows the lowest rates of Portugal.
Luckily, the fatality incidence still is dropping, to less than two people killed by Covid per week and 100,000 inhabitants, but we will have to wait the usual delay of those figures of 10 to 20 days trailing behind the “confirmed cases” incidence.
The local infection situation thet we used to determine from “” until Jan 31 has not resumed its statistics yet, but we get weekly data on all portuguese counties from the national DGS. This data shows that almost all counties on Madeira have reached new minimum values during the last weeks, with a special low in “Camera do Lobos” county that used to show the highest rates before. But, as the recent outbreak in Porto Santo clearly shows, we should be experiencing rising numbers of Covid cases in the next days.
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