Operation at Madeira Airport tends to normalize

The movement at Madeira International Airport tends to normalize. By 3:30 pm, seven planes had already landed on the Madeira runway. However, it should be noted that 62 flights were cancelled, between arrivals and departures.

Most of the flights scheduled for today had already been canceled yesterday, given the weather conditions in the airport area. The strong wind did not allow landings.

The first plane landed at 10:49 am from Dusseldorf, operated by Corendon Airlines.

Then, it was time for the British Airways flight to arrive from London at 12:47. Smartwings arrived at 2:05 pm from Prague and Nova Airlines brought passengers from Stockholm at 3:14 pm.

Another British Airways flight landed at 3:32 pm, one from Sata at 2:40 pm and, finally, the plane from Oslo at 2:57 pm.

According to information from Madeira Airport, 10 more arrivals are scheduled for today until 20:40.

Since 00:00, the maximum gust recorded in the Airport area was 99 km/h, at 00:30. In the last hour, the strongest gust was 78 km/h.

From Diário Notícias

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