Body of woman already transported to the morgue

Firefighters are recovering one of the bodies of two individuals who suffered a tragic fall in a ravine in Porto Santo.

It was a local person who spotted two bodies between Miradouro das Flores and Zimbralinho, on Ilha Dourada and ended up giving the alert to the authorities, Rui Manuel Teixeira, Commander of the Maritime Zone of Madeira (ZMM) and captain of the  Ports or Funchal and Porto Santo.

The male body,m, is still being recovered by the Maritime Authority and Porto Santo captaincy operatives, with the help of local firefighters. The second body, allegedly that of a woman, was in the  sea, where teams have already rescued and transported to the morgue.

As for the accident, information is scarce and everything could have happened due to an accidental fall, in a very dangerous place.

The Public Security Police and the Municipal Civil Protection Service are also on site. One of the corpses will have remained in the ravine and will be recovered from the side of the ravine, in a complex operation by the Volunteer Firefighters of Porto Santo in the coming hours.

From Jornal Madeira

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