This is disgusting from easyJet.

Change of plans for the beginning of this evening leaves 220 passengers in Lisbon and 177 are retained in Ilha Dourada.

According to information obtained by JM, the British airline did not give much explanation.

easyJet will only have announced the cancellation of the flight admitting that now it only has a new flight available next Sunday, January 1st.

The company’s attitude is making some families desperate, especially at a time like the one we are living in, when hotels are full or charge higher prices.

As JM knows, there are dozens of families from Porto Santo who are seriously worried and are considering themselves abandoned by the low-cost airline.

Among the passengers affected by this unexpected and still unexplained cancellation are people who can no longer spend the end of the year with their families, as planned. And there are also tourists who bought holiday packages for this time and are at the airport waiting for answers that do not arrive.

From Jornal Madeira

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