Friday Foto

Thanks to Theresa Harzer for these photos and message.

I was on Madeira Island last week and took many nice pictures. I am a frequent reader of your blog and I hope you like the attached photos as much as I do.

Description: AIDAnova in the marina of Funchal with great lights, just a few minutes before leaving Madeira and heading for Tenerife

 Description: Sunrise on the Pico de Arieiro with the moon on the top left hand side and a little rainbow on the bottom right hand side

 Description: A fisherman standing on a stone in the Atlantic in front of the coast of the Faja dos Padres

  Description: A cow on a pasture in front of the Atlantic Ocean, we saw it while hiking around Ponta do Pargo

About me: My name is Theresa Harzer, I am 14 years old and I like to take pictures with my cameras.

Thank you so much and I hope I will be back next year.

Jeep up the good work with your camera, and I hope to have some more photos from you next year.