Operations at Madeira Airport are being affected by bad weather

Earlier this morning the operation of Madeira Airport was being affected this morning by the bad weather that is felt, namely the rain (lack of visibility) and the wind, which may force some delays.

In fact, if the first flights in the morning were not delayed, a Ryanair flight from Lisbon arrived an hour late after a few laps in the ‘Travessa’ area, having landed at 9:30 am.

Binter’s inter-island flight anticipated the trip by about 20 minutes.

A Transavia flight from Porto spent about half an hour on a circular flight in the area, probably waiting for an opening to land, which it managed to do at 10:20 am. Even so, according to the Aeroportos da Madeira website, the arrival was scheduled for 10:15 am.

Two other TUI and Jet2 flights have now arrived in the airspace and are also waiting to take to the runway.

Looking at the airport website now, I can see a number of flights have already diverted.