Pizzeria Galosol reopens in Caniço de Baixo

After almost a year of closure, Pizzeria Galosol reopens its doors again. The menu continues with delicious Italian pasta and pizza options and gluten-free alternatives, so you can enjoy the Italian dishes you love to maintain a balanced diet.

Please note the weekly closing days Tuesday and Wednesday. The opening hours remain: 12:30-15:00 – 18:00-22:00, and we recommend booking in advance.

Baden Powell Street, Caniço de Baixo

Contact: 291 930 931

Let’s see if it stays open this time. Being one of the worse restaurants in Caniço de Baixo with terrible TripAdvisor reviews, it reopened last year with a new Italian chef, and lasted a very short while before closing again.

Let’s see if this time better things can happen..

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