A company with more broken promises than one can imagine, so take it with a large pinch of salt….

Below From Jornal Madeira

Eddie Wilson’s promise in Funchal. Ryanair’s CEO repeats harsh criticism of TAP and guarantees that there is scope for his company to increase supply in Madeira.

The interview, in the print edition of today’s Público newspaper, reveals the enthusiasm of the CEO of the low-cost airline that started flying to the Region at the end of March and that last week inaugurated its base at Madeira International Airport. 

Over a two-page interview, conducted by Madeiran journalist Márcio Berenguer, Eddie Wilson talks about the projects that the company hopes to develop in the Region, reiterates his criticism of TAP and the money that the Portuguese injected and adds Ryanair’s promises of growth in Madeira.

“More people will travel and everyone will pay less, regardless of the airline they choose.” Eddie Wilson’s sentence sums up Ryanair’s operation in Madeira and what Madeirans and tourists who visit us can gain from it.

The administrator explains that having more people traveling and paying less is what has happened in other places where the low-cost airline has started to operate. It is “the same thing that has happened when we arrive at any destination”, he guarantees.

In the same interview, the two criticisms made to TAP are repeated. The administrator says that the 3.2 billion euros injected into the company represent the payment that each Portuguese man, woman or child has just made to save the air carrier.

By the way, remember that no government does the same in other areas of activity. “Governments don’t bail out hotels, construction companies or car manufacturers. That doesn’t happen anymore”, he assures.