The 15th edition of the 15th-century Mercado with the theme “Water, Blood of the Earth” promises even more animation, with four stages and an auction next to the Machico Forum.

In total, 54 groups with more than 650 members will make, over the three days, almost half a thousand performances of music, theater, dance, falconry, historical recreation, circus arts, and more that will surely enchant all who visit Machico.

As in previous years, this edition will feature, in addition to the 48 amateur groups from schools and regional cultural and recreational associations, with six groups from the mainland and the Azores – two of music and four of theater that will enhance the event even more. Thus, in addition to the Almanach, responsible for the main moments of theater and horse tournaments, the organization guaranteed this year the presence of “the prestigious medieval music groups Cornalusa and Urro das Marés and the Somnium Companies, Kinessis Nomad Teatral and Ticosi Circus Artist.”

In a statement, the organization praises the Horse Arms Tournaments every day at 19:00 in Liça, for the fire theater shows “Lenda do Cavalum” and “Lenda da Sereia de Machico”, for the mystical Cortejo do Cavalum on Friday at night and the disembarkation of the Santa Maria and later Cortejo da Aguada on Saturday from 4:30 pm.

For this year, the big news is the multimedia show on a water screen, entitled “Water with History”, which will take place on Saturday at 11:00 pm, next to São Roque beach. On a 50 meter wide screen, some of the moments that marked the “discovery” and the settlement of Madeira will be projected and the importance of water, as an element present in everyday life over time, in the development of life, economic activities, social dynamics and human subsistence.

“All are therefore invited to live unique adventures and memorable experiences through a true journey through time, where it will be possible to have a vision of what Machico and Madeira would have been about 600 years ago”, concludes the organization.

Check out the full program:


June 3 — “Water Source of Life”

16:00 — Official opening of the Market

16:30 — Period dramatization: “Land of very good waters”

5:00 pm — Time for the Petizes and Infantes

19:00 — Arms Tournament on horseback (Liça)

21:00 — Cavalum Parade (Misericórdia / Rua da Árvore / Ribeirinho / Stage / S. Roque)

11:30 pm —Fire Theater “The Legend of Cavalum”

24:00 – Closing

June 4 — “Water gives it, water takes it”

16:00 — Market reopening

16:30 – Disembarkation

17:00 — Procession of water and other provisions (S. Roque, R. Ribeirinho, R. Árvore, Forte N. Sra do Amparo)

18:00 — Period dramatization: “Aguadeiros da Capitania”

19:00 — Tournament of Arms on Horseback (Liça)

10:30 pm —Fire Theater “The Legend of the Mermaid of Machico”

23:00 — Waters with History (Multimedia Show on Water Screen)

24:00 – Closing

June 5 — “Water that unites us”

16:00 — Market reopening

18:00 — Period dramatization: “The taverneiro and the levada”

19:00 — Arms Tournament on horseback (Liça)

21:00 — Rhapsody of pipers and bass drums

10:30 pm — Closing

From Jornal Madeira