Priest of Câmara de Lobos has a different reading from the one that shocked some of the members at the church. To JM, he says that he feels wronged and saddened by some comments.

The priest of Câmara de Lobos considers that he is being the target of injustice and “an authentic slander”, following the news in the online edition of JM this morning. In this note, the episode in which the priest ordered a child to repeat some procedures related to Reading was reported, which has earned him several criticisms in comments on social networks.

“I think I was wronged and I feel a great sadness”, describes the priest to JM.

The priest has a different reading from that of the congregation. He rejects the authoritative tone in the remark he made to the young man. “It was a fatherly attitude” and pedagogical, he guarantees.

He also asserts that he later asked the young man “if everything was ok” to which he said yes. And that no resentment remained, neither on the part of the young person, nor on the part of the parents, nor on the part of the parish community, of those who attended the mass.

“I spoke to the people of the Parish, I asked what they thought about having corrected the young man and they told me that they even thought it was nice to call the kid back. It was a small catechesis class, there was nothing more than that”, insists Father Marcos Pinto.

“No one was in a bad mood”, he says, remembering that he only defended the correct liturgy of the word.

Faced with the episode and the most heated comments on social media, the priest insists on the idea of ​​an injustice. “It was genuine slander,” he said.

From Jornal Madeira