Animal Welfare on Madeira – Information

Thank you to Mandy who has sent me all this information on helping, volunteering, and donating to all the animal charities on the island, plus much more information.

All links in bold are clickable to take you to information.

I live in Madeira and on social media, I often see similar posts from locals and tourists asking how they can help the animals.
 So, I’ve put together a short guide in English and Portuguese, and a Facebook page ‘Animal Action Madeira – Information’, which details what people can do and the numbers they can call in an urgent situation. Most have no idea the fire and rescue (bomberios) are responsible for picking up injured or sick animals for example, so I hope this will make it clearer!
 They can also like the page for information on volunteering and a list of associations. Animal Action Madeira – Information I will be adding stuff on adoption, donating, wildlife, sterilisation, and more in due course.
As with many countries animal welfare is not high on the political agenda and is underfunded. The main issues:
– Some animals are neglected and abandoned
– The problem of street animals only gets worse because of a lack of sterilisation
– There are hundreds of loveable and friendly cats and dogs desperately waiting for years for homes in the shelters
I wanted to set up this page in memory of my special Madeiran cat Cristal (I enclose a photo of her), who was abandoned on a road and rescued by Vamos lá Madeira e.V. If they can afford it, one of the best things people can do is, of course, donate to the volunteer associations and support their great work.
Vamos La is fantastic and does so much for the animals on the island such as sterilisation, rescue, adoption and more. They can receive donations via Paypal or via bank transfer. Details here: 65 euros pays for a sterilisation of a female cat.
Let’s all do our bit to make Madeira a better place for animals, they are relying on us.
Thanks so much,
Mandy Carter.
Below you will find some useful numbers and information, all as well on the Facebook page links.
If you are interested in volunteering you can find all the information on the link below and help in any way you can, on your own or maybe with a group of friends.

Animal Associations and Shelters in Madeira.

Here is a link to a document with all the animal Shelters on the island, with all the links to click on to get more information and to make contact.
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