Migrant with brain tumor needs 11,000 euros to be operated on in Turkey

Cristiano Rodrigues, a 31-year-old man who is emigrated to London, recently discovered that he has a brain tumor. Since last April 27, he has lost much of his vision and now needs 11,000 euros to be operated on to remove the tumor that “is the size of an apple”.

According to his father, the boy felt sick during a trip to Turkey in April and was never able to return. He went to the hospital, had several tests and discovered that he had a tumor. Since then, he has been banned from returning to London and now he counts on the goodwill of the people to carry out the operation that will give him a better quality of life.

“I consulted 4 surgeons in Istanbul for a second opinion and they all gave me the same treatment plan and none of them allowed me to fly because of the pressure it can cause during the flight. Either I have the surgery urgently or the tumor can cause me more damage”, he explained in a publication made on the ‘Gofundme’ website, appealing to the solidarity of Madeirans.

At this point, he has managed to raise more than half of the money. He has been counting on the support of the friend he went to visit because the family has not yet been able to travel to Turkey.




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