Night was not tropical but it warmed up to 25.5ºC in Funchal

The night was not tropical, because the minimum air temperatures dropped below 20ºC, but even so, the dawn of this Wednesday recorded hot temperatures, especially in Funchal, where the temperature reached over 25ºC.

The extreme value of the maximum temperature recorded from midnight to dawn reached 25.5 °C, and was recorded at 01:10 am at the Funchal/Observatory weather station.

Also significant was the maximum temperature reached at Cancela/SRPC (23.6 ºC), Quinta Grande (22.8 ºC), Monte (22.5 ºC), Funchal/Lido (21.7 ºC), Ponta do Sol/Lugar de Baixo (21.1 ºC) and Ponta do Pargo (20.2 ºC).

The lowest maximum temperature was recorded at Pico do Areeiro (12.9 ºC).

The highest minimum, up to 7:00 am, was 18.3 ºC in Funchal/Lido (6:40 am)

From Diário Notícias

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